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2012 Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc

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OriginUnited States
Suggested SettingSummer afternoon on the patio
Signature ScentSpiced mango

Pull a cold bottle of this Sauv confidently from the fridge knowing that it pairs well with almost anything. The tart lemon candy flavors are tempered by hints of green tea making for a insanely refreshing white wine. You can use the fresh fruit flavors to dress up a fresh salad or tone down a weightier goat cheese.

Favorite Foods


Mediterranean Fish Tacos with Goat Cheese Salsa & Pine Nuts
We're serving up this twist on fish tacos with a side of Mexican street corn.
Grilled Snapper with Fresh Tartar Sauce
Nothing says summer like freshly grilled fish. A bright, citrusy white wine melds with the herb seasoning and creamy tartar sauce.

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