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2011 The Specialist Cabernet Sauvignon

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OriginSanta Barbara, California
Suggested SettingA subtly lit steakhouse
Signature ScentPinch of clove

Cab Sauv is known as the king of grapes and the Specialist is a bold example of a fruit-forward wine that demands regal regard. You are going to want something substantial like a dark chocolate cake or a hearty rack of ribs to play off the earthy clove and bell pepper flavors that lurk beneath the jammy top layer.

Favorite Foods


Apple-Glazed Barbecued Baby Back Ribs
These sticky, apple-scented ribs are cooked in the oven, then finished on the grill. The offer a substantial bite to play off of the earthy flavors in the Cabernet.
Grilled Corn with Aleppo-Pepper Aioli
We slathered corn on the cob with an aioli spiked with hot Aleppo pepper and crumbled Cojita to serve with BBQ'd ribs.
Banana-Nutella S'Mores
Nutella on s'mores? Why didn't we think of this earlier?! And yes, it pairs with a fruity red wine.
Old Fashioned Chocolate Bundt Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache Glaze
Now this is a chocolate cake. High quality cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate sprinkled between layers, and a touch of rich cream make for an irresistible dessert recipe provided by Club W's Tastemaker Claire Thomas.

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