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2011 Score Red Blend

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OriginUnited States
Suggested SettingUnder a starry sky and dreaming
Signature ScentStrawberry

The beauty of a red blend is the ability to achieve a wide variety of fruit flavors in a single wine, including in this case strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and plum. Lay these layers of fruit on top of each other and you have a jelly doughnut in a glass.

Favorite Foods


Juicy Beef & Bacon Burgers with Grilled Sweet Potatoes
We love to pair red wine with a good juicy burger. At the end of a long week, it's nice to sit on the patio and grill up some patties - especially if they have bacon mixed in.
Blackberry Tri-Tip Tacos
This wine pairing recipe was specifically created for Club W by Chef Marc Osier. His topping of blackberry pico plays directly with the berry-bursting notes in the wine atop the tender tri-tip filling of the tacos.
Korean BBQ Pork
The pork is smoky, spicy, and full of flavor, so a bright red wine is your best pair. Marinate overnight or while you are at work for the day.

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